Welcome 2016!

New Year's Eve at home, drinking prosecco from lovely glasses brought from Vienna for my 60th birthday.

New Year’s Eve at home, drinking prosecco from lovely glasses brought from Vienna for my 60th birthday.

I’ve decided it’s the Year of Sheila (although I’ve heard it’s the Year of the Monkey).

There’s the excitement of planning my great adventure to Kyrgyzstan in May for a visit with Ethan and Steph. Where will I disembark on my way back east, before heading to my Maine home with Dan for the month of July? The west coast of Turkey? Finally learn Greek mythology with a UA professor friend who’s leading a fabulous tour http://wingedariela.com/? Meet my oldest friend Charlotte for a weekend in Morocco or Paris? Who knows?

Here’s what I’ve decided so far: It’s my year to talk less and meditate more (looking forward to training as a library meditation leader. Pretty cool, huh?).

And, it’s my year to be fearless. I turn 70 on June 11, 2016. Why not (still waiting to turn 80 to eat as much chocolate as I please)?

Wonderland down Seawall Road a bit from my island home

Wonderland, down Seawall Road a short distance from my island home

One of my greatest pleasures in life: It’s always my time to be outdoors. I’m lucky to live in the Tucson desert and return to my Southwest Harbor home every summer. Surely, they’re two of the most beautiful places in the world, but I still crave to see more of the planet.

So dear friends, what are your personal plans, hopes, and dreams for 2016? Rent my house in Southwest Harbor this August? Join me somewhere in the Mediterranean region of the planet in late May? Join me in a fearless new year?!? Let’s tawk. Meanwhile, here’s to a happy, healthy, exciting, and I hope more peaceful, compassionate 2016 for us all!

Beautiful Catalina State Park

Beautiful Catalina State Park

On the street where we live...

On the street where we live…

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1 Response to Welcome 2016!

  1. Dory says:

    Very nice, Sheila. Happy New Year! Dory

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