Relaxing on the sun porch in rainy Maine

Hanging out on the sun porch with no sun in sight

Hanging out on the sun porch with no sun in sight. And it’s OK.

Is it better to be in rainy Maine, with the wind whistling through all the greenness, than in scorching Tucson? For once in my life it doesn’t matter. I’m happy. Brook and Gian, the wedding couple, will arrive in Southwest Harbor tonight. Ethan is flying across the Atlantic to meet up with Steph in NYC. They’ll arrive at our Seawall Road home on Sunday night. Dan hooked up the fastest wifi ever. We’re going out for dinner tonight with one of my dearest Mount Desert Island friends.

Rain or no rain, it’s time to celebrate family, peace and happiness. How long will this last? Who knows — I hope longer than the seemingly interminable rain. The saying about Maine weather is “just wait a minute and it’ll change.” Yeah, we want to get on our bikes, hike Beech Mountain, loll about on the rocks at Ship Harbor, and have a superlative clear day for the big event next week.

Meanwhile, memories abound like the rain. Teenage Brook said the hallway and the small wood ledge at the top of the stairs reminded her of Little Women. Brook, Ethan and I huddled together on the futon during cold winter evenings in front of the fire, drinking tea, eating mint chocolate chip ice cream (got some in the freezer now) while reading, watching Seinfeld, Northern Exposure or a movie. The “bathroom wars” took place every morning when my two teenagers got ready for high school, until I banged on the door to hurry one or the other out.

Poof. All of a sudden they’re both in their 30s.

Front door in our arts- and-crafts-design Southwest Harbor home. I'm only the third owner since it was built around 1930.

Front door in our arts-and-crafts design Southwest Harbor home. I’m only the third owner — the house was built around 1930.

The wind and rain will eventually stop, like everything else. A therapist once told me the only thing we can be sure of in life is change. It’s worked for me although now, at my age, I prefer occasional fun surprises to big changes.

And relaxing is always good.

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6 Responses to Relaxing on the sun porch in rainy Maine

  1. Sherry Borg says:

    Have a wonderful wedding…take time to enjoy it.

  2. lifeforceyoga says:

    Blessings on this misty day as your family gathers to celebrate. What joy! And your place looks beautiful.

  3. Beth says:

    Great photo, Sheila! Yes, it’s better to be there.

  4. Sheila Lepley says:

    Ha ha ha ha, my heart bleeds for you, rainy day in the summer up north. I think every place in its own element is beautiful: scorching Tucson, foggy rainy Maine, icy cold snowy mid winter Montreal standing on a corner, mosquito plagued Kenya, dry dusty dirty Egypt……on and on. Why is it beautiful? Because I am alive to experience it. ……I wonder how those windows behind you can be so clean and shiny with all that rain. ………. Have a wonderful joyous wedding with your family and friends, no matter what the weather is. On my wedding day when it rained, I was told and it became true, that rain is a sign of fertility. (love your blogs)

  5. marianne bernsen says:

    you look relaxed and wonderful. What a happy and cozy time.

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