Among the rocks of Mount Desert Island


One of my favorite Maine vacation activities is  reading for hours, lounging  on the rocks at Ship Harbor. Today I went searching for the perfect rocks to nuzzle against, snacks, water and an intriguing Maine novel in my backpack, hoping to recreate  idyllic memories.

I set out down Seawall Road on my bike, feeling confident that I’d find comfy reading rocks at Ship Harbor. Not so. Wherever I sat, there was too much sun glaring in my face. Rocks poking me every which way. I was restless.

But I kept trying.  Ah… this is good enough, I’d think at very rock. But no, I’d jump up again and move on to the next rocky cliff.  After about six attempts, I finally found the right place (kind of like the three bears story).

Satisfied, I took out “The Burgess Boys” by Elizabeth Strout, which a Tucson friend gave me before we left. “Leave it on your bookshelf in Maine. It belongs there,” she said.

Brook and Gian are happily married. Steph’s out of the hospital and recuperating; Ethan’s with her. Dan’s here with me. Now I feel like I’m on vacation.

We’ll return to Tucson in a few weeks. I’ll leave “The Burgess Boys” here. Every summer I carry rocks from Mount Desert Island back to Tucson. This year — if I can find the right one — it’ll be a rock set in a ring. I’ll wear it daily, reminding me of this foggy and shimmering summer.

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