“The Joy of Quiet” in the desert

I keep forgetting how much I love hiking in the desert. Every new year I vow to get out there at least once a week. But I don’t. I forget. My favorite part of hiking — houses out of view, feeling like a pioneer in Tucson. Crunching desert dirt under my feet the only sound except for birds chirping. Today the Rincons, Douglas Spring Trail to Wild Horse Trail, around four or five miles on a gorgeous 77-degree day. The perfect start to 2012.

Reading “The Joy of Quiet”  in yesterday’s NYT egged me on. I was struck by a remark attributed to French philosopher Blaise Pascal who lived in the 17th century:  “All of  man’s problems come from his inability to sit in a room alone.” Wow. Head to the hills. This afternoon I sat on a rock, with nobody around, and felt like a puppet. I could resist the strings trying to pull me up to be on my way or focus on the lovely quiet.

Being in nature feeds me, sustains me as much as chocolate. Gotta do it more.

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