To gray or not to gray?

A biggie. A lingering question. Sort of like what would I do if if  I won the lottery (I only bought a ticket once and since I didn’t win I never bought another)?

What’s the best way to spend my aging years? Tomorrow I’ll interview two local women who have started a blog on the subject. So far, I’m not overwhelmed about aging but maybe if I so obviously looked older…a friend who remembers my wild gray hair of a decade ago told me it was beautiful. My kids liked it better too.

Dan recently sent me a piece about graying, reminding me of the chemicals that seep into my scalp every month, let alone the money that seeps from my wallet to pay for it!

I erroneously thought the only way to go natural was the skunk look, with roots growing out over many months, which would mean wearing a self-conscious scarf. But no, there’s a reversing process that would take salon visits for about a year-and-a-half. After that, it’s save, save, save, no more monthly expensive goop threatening my long-term health!

Why haven’t I decided yet? There are questions that I can’t answer right away. Take the lottery. If I had a bunch of money would I spend it on art, exotic trips or more massages and pedicures? Certainly not on clothes.

I’d start a foundation, giving money to leftist causes. Start my own causes. Help education.

But when I think about it, all that money, when it comes right down to it, here’s the best advice I can give myself: Talk to people. Find out what’s going on. Embrace change, because I can’t stop it.

But still, what to do about my hair?


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3 Responses to To gray or not to gray?

  1. Embrace the process! Buzz it down to 1/2 inch and let it come back whatever color it is. Wear your baldness as a protest against the youth worshipping, anti-aging culture. Show them you have a sense of humor and chutzpah! Remember my buzzed hair in the Bloodhut workshop when we first met? I’ll do it in solidarity with you! Who else can join us? We’ll start a gray revolution.

    Then tell about it at Odyssey Storytelling.

  2. sheilawill says:

    Will you have a Hair II show? Baldness doesn’t appeal to me. I’m still vain. But moving in the right direction toward going au naturel!

  3. Julie Ray says:

    I agree with Penelope – embrace it! The buzz cut might be a bit extreme for you but I like the idea of looking at it as an adventure and blogging about it. You can always turn back, right?

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