Letter to the Editor

Are substitute teachers more dangerous than people carrying guns in public?

Having just submitted a substitute teaching application to the State of Minnesota, which required a background check through finger printing and pages of questions about convictions for drug or sex trafficking, I can’t help but ponder:

Does the State of Minnesota have uniform licensing requirements for gun ownership? No.

Does the State of Minnesota have uniform licensing requirements for substitute teachers? Yes.

Strict licensing requirements for both are essential.

“Minnesota does not require a license to purchase or possess firearms. Persons who wish to purchase a handgun or semiautomatic military-style assault weapon may apply to [their] local chief of police or county sheriff for a transferee permit, although a transferee permit is not required for the purchase or transfer of such weapons” (Giffords.org).

“Thoughts and prayers” will not make a society safer when there are more guns than people.

Stricter gun licensing requirements may be a start. Standing up to the gun lobby may be a start. Appealing to NRA members, who agree that stricter gun licensing requirements are necessary, may be a start.

For more information to help reduce gun violence, please visit: Giffords.org or Momsdemandaction.org. 

Sheila Wilensky


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