Comon’ baby light my fire

Jim Morrison, the legendary Doors lead singer, was pardoned by the state of Florida for supposed “indecent acts” that occurred 40 years ago at one of his “raucous” concerts.

Why does outgoing Florida Gov. Charlie Crist care about  forgiving Morrison posthumously? Morrison often sang bare-chested in skin-tight black leather pants. He denied the charges but admitted to “profanity” at the time.

Does whatever Morrison did or didn’t do affect the legacy of his singular music, his haunting voice? I guess it does for some people.

Would anybody but the most conservative give a hoot today?

Other historical landmarks that are on my mind: John Lennon was shot and killed 30 years ago Dec. 8. My father would have been 104 on Dec. 9. Today is my niece Amy’s 41st birthday and my and my friend Julie’s half-birthday.

I used to think that being a tiny speck in the flow of history was my “religion.” Regardless of how small, I was a part of it all. I mattered.

Somehow my world seems smaller now. Maybe that’s what growing older does. Not that I’ve given up, but I’m more willing to leave activism and lots of activity to my kids, to my young friend Julie who reminds me so much of myself in my late 30s.

This isn’t a lament, far from it. I just don’t care so much about every little detail, or every why, and that’s a good thing. But I still wish I had seen Jim Morrison in person.

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