Immigration Insanity, and one Saudi woman

Isn’t it ironic that more people were stopped at our northern border (91), entering the United States from Canada (October to March, 2018) for their “terrorist” leanings, than at our southern border (6)? Guess that doesn’t matter. Brown-skinned people are the ones our fake president and his minions fear most.

Is Trump getting what he wants by clamoring for his stupid wall? The immigration process into the U.S. is being held up for almost everyone. “Government shutdown cancels 43,000 immigration hearings, including 1,000 in Arizona,” reports Tucson’s Sentinal. 


Paul Ingram/

What about the forgotten children separated from their parents and held in cages on our Southern border? Anything to stop more brown people from entering our lily-white (NOT) communities?

I like Canada, although their country consists of mostly white folks. Who doesn’t? More than once I’ve received treatment at their socialist medical facilities. Yippee, I say, the more socialist-caring-for-people opportunities the better.

I’m impressed with Canada’s quick offer of asylum to Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, an 18-year-old Saudi woman, who snuck away from a family vacation in Kuwait. After announcing her atheism to her family she feared certain death. And don’t forget, Saudi Arabia is our good friend.

I’m more impressed with this young Saudi woman, who gave up everything she knew for a new life in cold Toronto. Ok, she must have had a credit card. She came from a well-off Saudi family, which won’t negate difficulties adjusting to a new culture. So far, her successful asylum is a feel-good story. We need more.

May we all find the courage to speak the truth in 2019!

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2 Responses to Immigration Insanity, and one Saudi woman

  1. Dan Cobbledick says:

    I like the lead, but the word “terrorist” occurs too late in the sentence to give any perspective to the fun numbers at the beginning. I needed to go back to see the fun.

    When you were telling me the story, the Saudi girl faced certain death from her family, but that was totally watered down in what you wrote. Which is it?


  2. sheilawill says:

    Thanks for your always astute comments! Yeah, she did fear certain death.

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