Best Sabino Canyon walk ever! Balancing encroaching fascism!

I made it to the top and back, 7.4 miles. Overcast. Lovely. Cool raindrops. A salve to the constant news of America going down, down, down.

Assigning myself the end-of-birthday week challenge to make it to the top did me good. Okay, my legs were a bit stiff afterward but my brain felt sharper than usual. For hours, I focused on my writing project. I was happy, invigorated.


This morning — with the first real rain falling in Tucson in more than 100 days — I headed east to Farmer Joe’s and to my weekly Douglas Spring Trail walk.


Rarely do we see puddles in the desert!

I wondered if a three-mile walk would bring as much clarity as my two recent five+ mile successes.


Challenging the horrendous policy of children separated from their parents, 50 miles from Tucson at the Mexican border, is a must.

I’ve called and emailed senators, urging them to support the @FamiliesBelongTogether  Senate bill S.3036. I’ve organized my book club members to register people to vote prior to Arizona’s Aug. 28 primary elections.

Walking in nature helps. Gazing at flowers helps. Movies, TV, good books distract. Some of my friends don’t pay attention to the news, or have removed themselves from all social media. I don’t watch the news. But I read, read, read (attempting to limit myself to one scary opinion piece at a time).

I’m curious: What do you do to balance life’s joys with encroaching fascism?





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4 Responses to Best Sabino Canyon walk ever! Balancing encroaching fascism!

  1. Good for my Soul to read this blog!

  2. sheilawill says:

    Thanks Life Force Yoga! I would love to hear more…yoga helps everything, doesn’t it?

  3. SHEILA M LEPLEY says:

    Gardening, pottery, gym, fish pond, volunteer work, lotsa home made cooking, friends, reading. The day isn’t long enough but I do watch/read the latest horror news. And then the cycle begins all over again, i.e., I lose myself in one of the above. Back in the 60’s, long time ago, close friends moved out of the country because of the political craziness. I sometimes fantasize that we’ll do that as well. But it ain’t gonna happen. Keep on writing. Your thoughts are refreshing.

  4. sheilawill says:

    Thank you other Sheila! I so appreciate your kind words, that I have “refreshing” thoughts. We’re on the same path, as are others who have written to me personally. Keeping busy and being in the present seem to help. Then, as you say, we’re drawn back into the “latest horror news.” For me, it’s also about quelling anxiety. As I’ve aged — assisted by a small amount of medication — I quickly turn to what needs to be done. Usually walking or writing. Good luck to us all!

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