The next chapter…’Say yes to opportunities’

Who knew that people 82 to 85 score higher on happiness scales than millennials?

I’m not there yet, but I am happy. My super adorable grandson Foss was born on Jan. 21 in Minneapolis. I’m in good health, as is the rest of my family.

IMG_0137Foss As much as I love my house on Mt. Desert Island, Maine, as I get older I’m feeling itchy for new experiences — while I can. I’ve been lucky to return to Southwest Harbor every summer since moving to Tucson, nearly 15 years ago.

This year, I’m putting my Maine house on the market. It’s the practical decision. Maybe the relief of not worrying about renters, or repairs I can’t afford, and having a decent stash for retirement will help to alleviate the emotional loss.

Now is the time.


“Say yes to opportunities,” says Marilyn Heins, one of my elder role models.

Maybe this fall I’ll go to Greece on a Smithsonian tour led by a local professor acquaintance. I’ll definitely want to visit Foss as often as possible.

Anticipation is probably more difficult than taking an action itself. I swore to myself that I would never pick up dog poop, carrying it around like some sort of treasure.  In Minneapolis last month with my son and his family, I picked up my grandpuppy Rappy’s poop at least 10 times! I counted because I couldn’t believe I was doing it. It wasn’t so bad.

I’m hoping that selling my house won’t be as hard as I’ve thought. MDI will always feel like my original home. Both of my children grew up and were married there. We’ll still spend time on the island, and I like to think we’ll always be part of the most supportive, loving community I know.

Let the next chapter begin!  IMG_0142





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4 Responses to The next chapter…’Say yes to opportunities’

  1. Sheila Lepley says:

    I’ll bet that this was a difficult choice to make, but you have so many memories. They’ll always be yours. Congratulations on this new move and if you do go to Greece, have a good time.

  2. sheilawill says:

    Thank you, Sheila! And we’ll always return to our island!

  3. Katherine Reeve says:

    Congratulations on being a Grandma!!!! What an adorable picture. I love the image of you picking up your grandpuppy’s poop. I am saddened by the thought of you selling your beloved MDI home, but totally understand the reasoning. I still miss my little Mitchell casita and 27 years of raising my sons there… but the last 4.5 years have been an amazing adventure. I hope to be at book festival this weekend… will look out for you!

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  4. sheilawill says:

    Thanks Kate!! I hope we run into each other this weekend — what, among 130,000 people? Do you text? Or email me if you have a few minutes to take a break from all the hoopla! I’m glad you’ve had a wonderful adventure in life! xxo

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