Being in charge of myself…the way life should be!

welcome-to-maine-the-way-life-should-be2It’s been almost a month since I plunged back into an independent work life.

Quitting my job after 10 years has been a relief — both emotionally and politically. For those of you who have sent kind words about missing me, hoping this is a positive change, here goes!

First comes an early morning walk, which usually includes a social hour at Starbucks. We find out unreported Tucson news or get recommendations for  new movies.

On these hot, hot walking days with Julie and Mira, we return from our walks to swim in our pool. Cutie Mira, who’s 2- 1/2, likes to stand poolside practicing her counting.

“One, two, three, eight, nine,” she shouts, then happily jumps back into the pool, into her mother’s arms.

Sheila's SPA! Our townhouse is behind the wall.

Sheila’s SPA! Our townhouse is behind the wall.

Either before walking, or  afterward while I’m having a yummy eggie and veggie breakfast, I write my own stuff.

Okay, first I check my emails.

Pitching interesting stories to both local and national publications is a kick. Here are the first two in print/online so far:

I don’t know which queries will be answered, who may think my idea is “fascinating” (one so far), and who can’t be bothered writing back to me.

I’ve been in the writing/publishing/journalism world long enough (more than 35 years) to know this is part of the process.

Late mornings and afternoons are for working on freelance stories.

During our idyllic two months in Maine this summer I discovered that my best working hours are from 9 a.m. to 2 or 3 p.m.

And it was in Maine where my happy new life began. I realized what was most essential, besides gazing at my children’s faces, during the next stage of my life.

Still, I was ready to return to my job on July 27. However, after around two hours, it became increasingly clear that I couldn’t stay.

Too bad the thought of spending winters in our Southwest Harbor home also won’t work for me. But I’m lucky. I have the best of both worlds.

Maine will always be my heart’s home. It must be Brook’s and Ethan’s, too. Together with their magnificent mates, they chose to return to Mt. Desert Island for their weddings.

For those of you who’ve asked to see more photos of Ethan and Steph’s May 30th wedding, here’s one of the happiest gazes ever!

Rockin' out with the groom...

Rockin’ out with the groom…”Loves me like the Rock of Ages. My mama loves me, she loves me…” by Paul Simon.

P.S. I’ve been sleeping better, too!

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10 Responses to Being in charge of myself…the way life should be!

  1. Excellent news. Good sleep is so important. Mazel, cuz.

  2. Yetta Goodman says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m thoughtful about the power of personal stories that often involve very social experiences. If we thought more about the social nature of our developing selves, we would understand more about the power of social media and perhaps teachers wouldn’t ban technological devices from their classrooms. Yetta Goodman

  3. Trisha Rhodes says:

    And so you have started the process of reinvention… It will be fun to see what you shape, Sheila. Your designs are always worth the trip.
    Keep on keeping’ on, my friend. Trisha Rhodes

  4. Gwen says:

    I’m so excited for your independent work life. Best of luck and may lots of people accept your queries. Cheers!

  5. Lesley Abrams says:

    “I am woman, hear me roar!” You go girl!

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