Tucson hipsters on a rainy day

Not us, that’s for sure. I’m a former pseudo-hippy, which is different from a hipster. I’ve wanted to try Five Points Market for breakfast. So we went there. Maybe a rainy day — so unusual in Tucson — invites trying something new.

Five Points Market is definitely for hipsters. And so they came. Better yet, it’s in a part of town that needed a gathering place. Young hipsters in tiny shorts and boots, beautiful couples with matching babies and toddlers, a group of lesbians or just girls with many tattoos, bicyclists, a few older folks like us.

The new Five Points Market

The new Five Points Market



Our food was yummy. I had breakfast salad: roasted winter squash with slivers of chili peppers, covered with super-fresh eggs, a side of winter squash puree to smush over it all. Got it? Accompanied by arugula salad. Dan had breakfast toast: a half-piece of multigrain toast topped by a lovely pink chili chutney and a layer of  fried eggs.

I thought the place was expensive but worth trying. Coffee was $3 with only one refill!  Still, we had an interesting conversation about race as a social construct, the rise and (I think) fall of anti-Semitism and who crossed the Bering Strait.

Unfortunately, I had to kill a bothersome fly. Ick. Nothing is perfect.

Tucson’s weather usually is perfect at this time of year. All those sunny days without the extreme heat. But this rainy day was a good time to drive through areas of Tucson I haven’t often seen. My man accommodated me. We zig-zagged through the old barrio, Armory Park and Miles neighborhoods.

one of the colorful redone adobe buildings in Armory Park

one of the colorful redone adobe buildings in Armory Park

Yup, a lovely time was had by all.


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7 Responses to Tucson hipsters on a rainy day

  1. Sharon Osborne says:

    Sounds like a good use of a good day! I just got home tonight, after visiting Kate in Encinitas for nearly a week. It was absolutely wonderful, and the last day, Friday, we had a good rain, too. What blessings. Sheila, could you forward me the name and email of the woman with the apartment? One of those little pieces of paper I’m always collecting has gone missing. Thanks, and enjoy the cool weather. Good to see you and Dan! Sharon

  2. sheilawill says:

    How wonderful! Glad you had such a good trip. It was god to see you too, Sharon!

  3. Gwen says:

    Sounds great! I’ve never been there, but I don’t go out much.

  4. Weslea says:

    I think (hazy memory) 5 Points was an area of downtown Manhattan where several ethnic groups met, usually in gang wars. It was famous for the “Tong” wars in the early part of the 20thC. Any idea how the restaurant was named?

    • sheilawill says:

      Well, it’s an old Tucson neighborhood with an intersection that has five points. Fifth Avenue and 18th Street intersect, with Stone coming in at a weird angle. At that point sits Clyde Wanlee’s Auto Sales. His motto is “Ugly but honest.” Dan says the business has been in that spot for around 50 years. Some great old signs there — I’ll take more photos to send next time I’m over there.

  5. ER says:

    5 points indeed, was the intersections of five streets in lower manhattan (basically across from where the headquarters of the police department is) it had the Collect pond, that was the only fresh water down there, and used for everything under the sun and basically was damaged beyond repair….its a real new york story …..

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