Girl on a fast bike…

That’s not me. I can walk fast. I still have a small waist. I dream about being in good shape for another 20 years, traveling, keeping up with my daughter walking fast across Manhattan, hiking in the desert.

photo 1

Recently, I read about a study in which men said women are old at 68 (this June for me). Women called men old at 75. That’s a bullshit study. Who did they ask, people over 65? AARP starts hawking people the moment they turn 50.

I still don’t feel old. (I recall a colleague who I worked with in my 20s telling me that women over 60 are invisible.)

I’ve had to adjust my outlook on retirement. The only way I’ll be able to travel is if I keep working. I like my job. I get to hone my writing skills and talk with interesting people. I eat lunch outdoors, looking at bougainvillea and the Catalina Mountains.

Retirement is not a kind word for many baby boomers. We can’t afford to stop working, which requires a change in mindset, at least for me. But when I moved to Tucson 11 years ago at age 56, I felt semi-retired. Constant sunshine. Swimming in the pool in March. No grading papers all evening. Ahhhhh…not too shabby.

Anyway, what would I do all day if I retired? I’m not a stay-at-home type. I would read a lot of books. Maybe. I would work on my own writing. Maybe. I would hike all the time. Maybe.

Visiting with my accountant the other day helped me see reality.

This morning we had a delicious breakfast at the B-Line. We hiked in the Tucson Mountains where the sunny yellow brittlebush will soon cover the desert.

Although I won’t be “retiring” anytime soon, I’m on the right path.

photo 2

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5 Responses to Girl on a fast bike…

  1. Sue Whitby says:

    Good for you, Sheila!

  2. Marla Painter says:

    Sheila- it was Gloria Steinem who said, when she turned 55, that women over 50 were invisible in our culture. I think she and many other women proved that to be untrue. I don’t feel invisible at all and you certainly are NOT. But some women unfortunately go into a shell at a certain age because they put something onto themselves about being a certain age. I am soooo glad you are forging ahead because there is another cliche about age just being a number. Apart from arthritis, I would agree it is true! I like women sharing where they are in life with other women. Keep doing this! Love, Marla

    • sheilawill says:

      Isn’t it wonderful that women know how to talk to each other? Thanks for the support and our common optimism! Come visit us in Tucson or in Maine this summer (I’ll be there the month of July).

  3. Marilyn says:

    From the bean counter: great path! quality beans! better than a pile of gold! Enjoy the trek! To life!

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