Musing on the new year: How green is my desert!

Photos don’t do the Sonoran desert justice, especially on a lovely 70-degree blue-sky day like today, the first of the new year. While hiking in Saguaro National Park West I tried to capture images of the  grass surrounding the Saguaros (with all their fun personalities). Parts of the desert inclines looked like rock gardens laced with lush color. In some places it looked as green as the Emerald City of Oz, which was sorta confusing here in Tucson. Although it had rained some in recent months.

Ocotillos leafing out...

Ocotillos leafing out…

I needed a day off from working. We started with breakfast at Mother Hubbard’s. All dishes were accompanied by free sides of collard greens and black-eyed peas to celebrate the new year. Yum.

Then we drove to the Tucson Mountains in Saguaro National Park West for a hike. I haven’t been out there much; our three-mile hike was perfect. As I was thinking of Woody Guthrie’s 33  “rulins” for the new year that Brook posted yesterday, we came upon # 26: Dance Better.

Shake it up baby...twist and shout.

Shake it up baby…twist and shout.

Maybe I’ll take up tap dancing again? Met someone at a party last night who said Gene Kelly’s niece, or granddaughter, lives in Tucson and teaches tap!

I don’t have any set resolutions. More hiking. Most important is Kurt Vonnegut’s one rule, “God Damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

I live with a kind man. He’s from the Midwest. Maybe I was thinking of us when we came across these cozy Saguaros.

Saguaro couple

Saguaro couple

After our hike I had a craving for a beer and wings, which doesn’t happen very often. We went to the Red Garter. I feel lucky on this first day of the new year. My kids are doing well. There’s love in our family.

Sitting at the bar scarfing down saucy wings, sipping on cold beers was relaxing. The Rose Bowl football game was on TV. I wasn’t paying much attention. I was thinking about stopping to smell the roses more this year. Our bill said “bar couple” at the top. We chuckled.

Happy New Year to all! May your desert and/or your garden grow well!

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6 Responses to Musing on the new year: How green is my desert!

  1. judith cox says:

    Happy New Year dear Sheila and Dan too! You have found your place there. Beautiful reflections of your surroundings…Makes me think of Annie Dillard’s early instruction. paraphrased…”you have to stop and listen to really experience the natural world. This was true as I stopped to witness the gift of 6 snow buntings straight from the arctic in our own winter “desert” . Love, j

    • sheilawill says:

      I am nature girl. I’m very lucky to have homes in Southwest Harbor on Mt. Desert Island and also live in the sunny Southwest desert most of the year.

      Happy, healthy 2014 to you and your fabulous family! Come visit next time you’re in our part of the world/Taos.

  2. Holly Schaffer says:

    Happy New Year, Sheila! Much love to you! Thanks, as always, for sharing your beautiful musings.

  3. Gloria Avner says:

    Sheila, I’m so glad you included me in your mail blast. I had no idea you lived in this other beautiful part of the world and I’m enjoying catching up on your posts. Perhaps we can connect this summer on the island. Aquarius Artifacts is over but the love for summer on MDI is not. Best of luck with your book.

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