Getting ready for the celebration!

Many celebrations are coming up!  2014 awaits! “A Certain Slant of Light. Emerging from the Shadows of  Mental Illness” signing and reception on Friday, Jan. 17 from 5-7 p.m. at Our Place Clubhouse, 66 E. Pennington St. But most of all I can’t wait for Ethan and Steph’s visit to Tucson over Martin Luther King Day weekend. Newly engaged at our Southwest Harbor home last weekend — actually the proposal took place at our adored spot by the ocean, the Wonderland path in Acadia National Park — I just want to hug them both. I want to see Steph’s ring that Ethan picked out by himself.

So I needed to check out Tucson eating establishments to wine and dine the happy couple. I asked Facebook friends, who came up with myriad suggestions. We’ve decided on 47 Scott downtown, which should be quiet, and has been commended by the New York Times for its inventive cocktails.

Eating is important. I’ve also decided on Hacienda del Sol for happy hour on Sunday. It’s the prettiest Tucsony spot in the foothills by the Catalina Mountains..

Then there are hiking spot to consider. Today we walked along the Yetman trail to the stone house in the Tucson Mountains.

At the stone house. framed by the Tucson Mountains in the background

At the stone house. framed by the Tucson Mountains in the background

Hiking is a great way to visit, especially during our glorious Tucson winter, and especially when so much of the engagement celebration relies on eating. I’ll suggest a hike in each of our three local mountain ranges — the Yetman trail in the Tucson Mpuntains; Sabino Canyon in the Catalinas, since Steph has never been there; and Douglas Spring trail in the Rincons.

Whenever we’re hiking after a hiatus from being in the desert it’s hard to believe I don’t go more often. Maybe after three hikes with Ethan and Steph in a few weeks, we’ll want to celebrate 2014 by hiking more ourselves.





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4 Responses to Getting ready for the celebration!

  1. judith cox says:

    Happy New Year and deepest well-being in 2014! I am so happy for Ethan and Stephanie. How lucky are they that you are planning such a wonderful visit. Love to all, judith

  2. Sharon Osborne says:

    Wonderful news about Ethan and Steph, Sheila. Also enjoyed your previous posts on all the good stuff in Tucson. I’m trying to find an affordable flight out there for a couple of weeks in Feb., but not much luck so far. I like your new hairstyle in the hiking picture–very pretty! Happy New Year to you and Dan.

    • sheilawill says:

      Thanks Sharon! We’re all pretty happy at the start of 2014. Wonderful hike in 70-degree weather today…more coming in the form of a post. Will be good to see you here in February, if you can do it!

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