Saturday morning, oh Saturday morning

It’s confusing when you come from Maine. One thing I know for sure: I never want to be cold again, and I’ve become a weather wimp after living in Tucson for 11 years. It was only 61 degrees this morning when we rode bikes to Frank’s for breakfast (oh brrrr, right). I always take a sweater with me, just in case.

Now I don’t dread October, knowing that snow can’t be far behind. I just made plans with friends for a January visit to the Chihuly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. photo-162

I can’t get enough of the Tucson sunshine.  Still, something in my cellular memory requires some fall foliage, so it’s up Mt. Lemmon tomorrow.

Antigone Books reminds me of my Oz Bookstore.

Antigone Books reminds me of my Oz Bookstore.

This morning I headed to 4th Avenue after breakfast, wanting to wish Trudy at Antigone’s a happy 40th anniversary. Quite a feat for an independent bookstore! I’m impressed. My Oz Bookstore in Southwest Harbor made it to 15 years.

Seems like so long ago when I closed Oz on March 17, 1997. That day felt more like a funeral, not a celebration like at Antigone today. I took it in, browsing through new books and turning Brook’s “Paradise Lust” face out, as I always do.

But there was a bit of sadness too. For so many years, I was so sure that a big part of my identity would be as a bookstore owner. Everything’s changed. If only I could stop taking a sweater with me wherever I go.

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  1. Sydney Flynn says:

    Lovely essay. Thanks, S and V


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