Something else I don’t know how to explain

I’m not sure how Reiki works and I’m not terribly woo woo. But yesterday I attended an all-day Reiki workshop to learn how to comfort myself and loved ones who are far away in times of trouble (we all have them).

I went because my dear healer friend Kathleen in Bar Harbor suggested it. She’s a close friend in addition to being the real deal. Working with Kathleen for four or five years changed my life before I moved to Tucson in 2002. She can move energy. All I know is that after one or two sessions with her every July I feel different, clearer, calmer. Then we have lunch and talk about the usual things old friends talk about.

Kathleen is a regular person and a healer. She used to be a high school English teacher. She’s trained in massage, shiatsu and Reiki.

Me and my two cohorts yesterday

Me and my two cohorts yesterday

“Reiki is for stress reduction,” our teacher told the three of us at the workshop. Ok. I’m all for that. I believe in the power of the body’s chakras, seven sites of spinning energy along our spines. All ancient cultural/belief systems refer to them in their own ways.

The point is to clear the chakras, allowing energy to flow freely, enhancing our capabilities for connection to some higher power, intuition, communication, love and compassion, self-empowerment, feeling and pleasure, and groundedness.

Are we all about electricity? Doesn’t the clarity of the chakras change from day to day? Maybe there’s more gunk blocking our chakras one day than another? Do we have this much power to change our lives? If we do, or believe anything enough, can we make it happen? What part do our brains play? I asked a lot of questions yesterday.

I’m pleased with myself because I participated in the touchy-feely parts of the workshop, something I usually poo poo. I was curious and wanted the full experience. I also got tired and just wanted to nap all afternoon. Then have someone, perhaps a nice mother like our teacher, give us milk and cookies. Maybe that’s a sign. 

The day-long distraction, learning experience, life-changing event — I’m not sure what it is yet — calmed me. I’m not as worried about renting my house in Maine. It will happen, my optimistic self says, quelling my cynical side.

Which chakra is calling to me now? I’ll let you know.

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7 Responses to Something else I don’t know how to explain

  1. Sydney Flynn says:

    Really interesting. Want to learn more! S and V


  2. sheilawill says:

    I learned all this from a superb teacher
    Now I have to apply it and see what happens!

  3. Claire says:

    All I know is that you look so peaceful in that picture!

    • sheilawill says:

      That’s nice to hear. It was a peaceful day. Still, chocolate chip cookies would have been good. I’m willing to see where this takes me. Always fun to try something new.

  4. Kasia says:

    Either reiki is having a resurgence or I’m just on the reiki radar, but I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately. Maybe it’s time I tried it. I really enjoyed your blog about the experience — I always enjoy reading your musings — and nice to see Kate’s smiling face. I know Marsha, too (small world); she’s lovely.

  5. sheilawill says:

    If you’re curious give Marsha a holler. Thanks for reading, Kasia.

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