Serving Up Democracy

It’s the questions, Stupid! Back in Bill Clinton’s day it was “It’s the economy, Stupid!

That’s not the case anymore. We’ve gotten ourselves mucked up with too much political hypocrisy, lies, and general incompetence. (Look at Herschel Walker, an incompetent projected by Republicans onto the Georgia political scene to become an Uncle Tom.)

Democracy is about learning to ask questions. Furthering any discussion by listening and engaging with more questions.

That’s what I always thought, first as a high school social studies teacher, then as a journalist. You can always look up an answer: Who cares how many historical dates one can rattle off?

We have the Internet, the greatest information gatherer in history!

I’m in good company.

Recalling my interview with “Democracy Now” host Amy Goodman, years ago, she talked about the importance of discussing/debating public issues around the dining room table. That’s how it was growing up in her family.

“Anything less is a disservice to our society,” she has said (I can’t find my old article that appeared in the Arizona Jewish Post.)

Amy Goodman on the set of her progressive radio show, “Democracy Now”

Disservices to our society are more widespread these days. A Georgia U.S. Senate candidate who stated “I would rather be a werewolf” than a vampire? (Check out former President Barack Obama’s witty comeback)?

In this “important” exchange, said Walker, Obama had taken his remark out of context.

Consider Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, a former football coach who “misidentified the three branches of government as ‘the House, the Senate and the executive’ in an interview with the Alabama Daily News, following his election in November 2020.

Here’s an essential question: Why would any American want to be represented by a senator with little knowledge or consideration of how government works?

Please teach your kids questions that make them think! Not just identifying the three branches of government, but what do they do? What policies would you want your senators to pursue?

Or how to become a werewolf?

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4 Responses to Serving Up Democracy

  1. Nancy Buttenheim says:

    Thank you Sheila for this – I love your writing. Please write more.

  2. evenkeel22 says:

    Not enough people are educated in the value and role of what it means to live in a democratic society. Humans are flawed and tribal, but there are always those who will try to enlighten and not darken the rest.

  3. sheilawill says:

    I sure agree. Thanks for commenting. Do I know you? Please identify yourself!

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