My 2022 Resume!

Check it out on my Resume page…I’m very excited about my new updated look! I’m old but I still want to change the world, and damn it needs a whole lot of changing!

Wow! I KNOW shit that I didn’t even realize till updating my resume. And as my dear daughter-in-law Steph said, “You’ve done a lot!”

I’ll be submitting story pitches to magazines, journals, newsletters, and publishers. If you, dear readers, have ideas for me or have friends who need a dynamic editor or freelance writer, please let me know. Thank you.

Writing ideas on my mind: Taming the History Wars; How Howard Zinn Changed my Future; Work for the 21st Century, how to include everyone; Brain Science interviews/one with David Eagleman, Stanford prof; possible reprints/updating of my previous articles, such as “The Walking Brain” (Desert Leaf) or “The Heyday of Children’s Bookstores” (Publishers Weekly); Creativity in Septuagenarians; Interviews with the owners of The Children’s Book Shop, Brookline, Massachusetts, currently closing after 45 years in business.

Please write your comments letting me know your thoughts…thanks!

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