Staying warm in Minneapolis!

I’m looking for more work from home. The fabulous Guthrie Theater is on hiatus till March due to covid. So I’m thinking…

Do you know anyone who needs a top-notch editor (ME!)?

Have you thought about starting a blog?

You don’t have time or you don’t know where to begin? As an experienced blogger I can help. 

Here’s my one-month offer: $350 for four weekly, 300-word blog posts

What would you like to promote? A sustainable product, an idea or project, you name it. I started blogging in 2010 when I worked as a journalist.

At that time, many individuals referred to themselves as “Citizen Journalists.” Pushing their opinions wasn’t journalism. I needed to say something. And I’ve been blogging ever since. 

Weekly blog posts are an effective mode of communication:

A blog is a platform for you to share valuable content with your audience.

A blog can help you clarify what’s important about whatever you’re promoting. It provides useful information that your clients or audience would appreciate knowing.

Blogging keeps you in mind. You never know what a person may remember, and what may encourage that person to contact you.

Readers will look forward to your posts (that’s what I’ve heard!).

And perhaps most beneficial, what you have to say is getting out there.

What do you care most about – in life and in work? Blog it!

*If you would like to discuss possibilities for blogging or editing please email me at

** And now I’m off for my daily walk around Lake of the Isles.

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