Trees, lakes, and grandkids

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I landed my ocean blue Prius in Minneapolis. Staying with my son, daughter-in-law and two sweet grandkids has been busy but very worthwhile. I’ve been rushing around the big city trying to find a suitable apartment in the North Country.

When I settled on one yesterday it was all about the apple tree — or was it a pear tree? — in a comfortable neighborhood on Harriet Avenue. A complete renovation of the 600 ft. living space is taking place: painted silvery-gray walls called “Agreeable Gray”; modern stainless steel kitchen appliances installed; and revived bathroom fixtures.

The healthiest community garden I’d ever seen grows around the corner on Pleasant Avenue. I’m signing up for 2022, nature girl that I am!

Can you see the shapes of pears and apples?

I like the cleanliness of the building, which only has ten apartments. The halls don’t have that old building stale smell in the twenty-some buildings I’ve looked at this week. Lovely blue carpeting with purple designs running through it has been installed.

Since the big kids presented me with stylish blue and purple Gudrun towels and a bathmat, perhaps I’ll switch decor from Southwestern desert to Minnesota vibrance.

My slight OCDishness tweaks my activity strings. Finding a place to live precipitated a look-around at Loft Antiques, run by two helpful women. I found a cute little turquoise side table for my agreeable gray bedroom. It’s waiting by most of my worldly goods in Ethan and Steph’s garage.

Next week I’ll find furniture. Check out Ikea. Then I’ll start the change-of-address thing.

It’s all exhausting and exciting. Oh, did I say I’ll start working at the venerable Red Balloon Bookshop in St. Paul on August 16, or that my catalytic converter was stolen from my Prius? Apparently it’s the theft du jour in Minneapolis.

I’m in limbo land. I have no idea how long it will take to compose a new life in Minnesota. But it rings true that home is where family is…

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9 Responses to Trees, lakes, and grandkids

  1. Kate says:

    Oh Sheila, I’m so very happy for you! I lived in Bemidji,Minn. from. 1976-1980 and loved the few trips I was able to take to Minnesapolis/St. Paul. The museums, the library, the historical society, the bookstores! And as far as I know, no drought. I would give anything to be living closer to my grandkids again. You are a master at creating a narrative wherever you are. Enjoy the green trees and the blue waters!

  2. Marilee Marchese says:

    Sounds great, Sheila. Did you get the wood floor anywhere?

  3. Paula Mrozicki says:

    Sounds like an exciting new phase in your life Sheila. I can’t believe you’ve already found a job at a local bookstore and an apartment near a vibrant community garden and you’re living close to family.
    great start to your new beginning……..

  4. sheilawill says:

    Fake wood vinyl is the new thing. Not as squeaky either.

  5. Julie Ray says:

    The apartment sounds amazing! And I love that there is a community garden nearby.

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