A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

I’m feeling oddly celebratory today. Maybe it’s because a mountain of stressful chaos has been hurled from our national shoulders.

But there’s more…

Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, all yummy food and no religion.

Maybe it’s because I submitted my first book query to a publisher yesterday — I’ve been dawdling for years.

Maybe I’m just so grateful (or “grated full,” as one of my former students once wrote) for my amazing two children and their loving, supportive spouses.

Maybe it’s my weekly stroll on Douglas Spring trail, where a cheery Tucson breeze had my back.

Or is it Dr. Fauci’s assurance that an effective vaccine is coming, and that my dream of traveling to Sicily will happen?

Could it be a photo of my older brother smiling, holding up a copy of Barack Obama’s memoir that I sent as a birthday present.

Maybe it’s Dan chatting with me this morning as he plays The Bobs’ fun a cappella tunes in the background.

Maybe it’s the great Netflix Korean TV shows, which show some gory murders but mostly portray complex characters, their shades of gray and commitment to kindness and goodness. These shows ruin me for mindless American TV.

Disdain for America’s black and white divisions seems palpable. Where are our shades of gray? I don’t expect unity. But perhaps a bit more compassion for all citizens, regardless of their bank accounts or lack thereof?

Although today feels like it’s mine all mine, this celebratory feeling is also the ever-present hope that ALL Americans can benefit from this rich society, not just a few.

Now for the last few episodes of “The Good Detective,” my current favorite Korean TV show. In a few hours I’ll read aloud William Steig’s “Brave Irene” on FaceTime.

Are you celebrating too? I hope so.

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12 Responses to A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

  1. JoAnn Vana says:

    Yes, a weight off our backs. I’m so happy to hear that you are feeling lighter. It has been a struggle for all kind human beings. Thanks for being a voice of reason and confirmation of our presidential disdain.

  2. Judy Kugel says:

    Lovely !

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Phyl Brazee says:

    Loved this Sheila! I too am feeling cautiously celebratory. It’s a time for lots of self reflection and healing. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. sheilawill says:

    Thank you Phyl! I feel a better 2021 coming on…

  5. Barry Fulmer—Ft. Myers, Fla. says:

    Thanks, Sheila, for the Thanksgiving Day upbeat. We could hear the loud exhalation of breath after Biden’s victory. Great administration picks for top positions so far. We give thanks for the return of hope and normalcy with a new government run by adults with experience, knowledge and compassion.

  6. Marilee Marchese says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sheila. Many of us can say we feel quite the same. Happy Tday to you. Greetings to Dan. Be well, and enjoy your special Brave Irene time.

  7. sheilawill says:

    Thanks for reading! You and Ken be well too!

  8. Nancy Smiler Levinson says:

    Sheila, I’m always glad to receive one of your writes. This is very nicely done and
    helps give me a boost, much needed, much of the time as I sit here at my desk
    in my officette. I’m not complaining.. . . ‘I’m just sayin’ . . . : ) Cautious celebrating —
    that’s good.

    Turning to your book — hey, wow is this the book, early chapters of which you shared in Tuscany and which I praised and still do. Tell me yes. I’ll cheerlead for you, pompoms and all.

  9. sheilawill says:

    Thanks for your enthusiastic support Nancy! Nope my focus has narrowed to a more realistic subject. Please email me if you would like to be one of my readers and I’ll tell you more about this one. Thanks!

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