Wearing masks during a pandemic violates their rights, say right-wing naysayers. Taking away contraceptives from women who work for religious employers that disapprove of birth control doesn’t? Why does a boss decide if a woman can afford birth control?

Justices Kagan and Breyer sided with the conservative justices that the case should be sent back to the lower court. Only Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayer dissented.



“Today, for the first time, the Court casts totally aside countervailing rights and interests in its zeal to secure religious rights to the nth degree,” Ginsburg wrote.

Viagra is covered in health insurance provided by religious employers because it’s for erectile dysfunction. Perhaps more men will be able to impregnate women if they take the drug? And that’s a good thing for Catholics and other religious types.

I’m guessing that many men sure as hell don’t care about adding more babies to their families. Well, maybe if they snagged young trophy wives and hope to show the world they’re capable of impregnating them.

But WTF?? It’s hypocrisy to claim that men consuming viagra generally want more children. Some do. But some women take contraceptives for reasons other than birth control, severe acne for one.

I don’t care if men take viagra or not. This Supreme Court decision deprives women of their reproductive rights. The war on women’s health care continues…



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6 Responses to SCOTUS, WTF?

  1. evenkeel22 says:

    Thanks, Sheila,

    Speaking of which, there was a great 4 hr. (broken in to two segments) program on PBS the past two nights here about the 70 year fight for women’s right to vote. I learned a lot I had never known before (like Wilson’s longtime opposition which was overcome only after the largest women’s rights group of the day repeatedly lobbied him to get him to change his mind, and after NY along with a lot of other states, finally voted to allow women to vote under their state constitutions (and then voted again to get the 3/4 needed to pass the 19th amendment. Also, the program showed how brutally some women peaceful protesters were treated. Some things never seem to change.


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    • sheilawill says:

      Thanks Barry! And to think that these old white guys in Congress say they’re “concerned” about women’s health — when they’re disempowering women’s reproductive rights


  2. sydvinflynn says:

    Thanks, Sheila.I hadn’t even heard about this.

  3. snowberry6565 says:

    Doesn’t make a bit of sense. Not much does these days like being on a merry-go-round which goes backwards.

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  4. J Vana says:

    The country has gotten stranger and stranger. I’m tired of old white men telling me how to lead my life. I hope all those Dems that could not bring themselves to vote for Hilary feel the pain of their shortsightedness. So much badness for $$$. Old, rich, white men love their tax breaks.

    • sheilawill says:

      Agree. I believe Biden will win. He will be a transitional president and his female vice president — I hope Elizabeth Warren — will be the first woman president, sliding in through the back door. Warren is the only one who has spoken out repeatedly for parental leave and top-notch childcare available to all. Those old rich white guys sitting around a giant table feel their power to disempower women’s health needs.

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