Fifty years since Kent State…

For me, Kent State was the end of hoping government could do the right thing. As a college student during the Sixties I supported a social revolution, a hippie consciousness of equality for all. Yeah, all Americans were human beings who deserved respect, a decent job, safety that  included health care and hope that a kid wearing a hoodie wouldn’t be shot.

For fifty years we’ve been arguing and speaking out for seemingly obvious citizen needs — not  privileges — encompassing equal pay for women and minorities.

Government support still hinges on social class/how much money is hidden in your Cayman Islands’ bank account. Corporate welfare reigns, not citizen welfare.

“This [pandemic] crisis is exposing the class savagery of American democracy and the economic carnage that it has always countenanced.” charles blowimages (1)

As a journalist, years ago, I interviewed a 92-year-old sociologist toward the end of her life:

“Looking back over your lifetime what concerns you the most?” I asked.

“That we’re still fighting over the same issues,” she replied.

How can that be? I Don’t want to be lamenting our lack of progress if I’m lucky enough to live for twenty more years. I’m haunted by that possibility.

“Words matter” or “The pen is mightier than the sword?” That’s why I keep at this blog. “The Little Engine That Could” comes to mind. That’s me, although I have no idea if my posts matter.

Then I recall former students who have written to me, spanning decades, reminding me of a teacher’s impact.

“You care for us like a mother, which is part of the best teaching,” one wrote. I had no idea.

So I keep on keepin’ on.

Thinking of our history and all the shit that’s gone down physically hurts: Slavery and its aftermath still lives; women earn less on the dollar and black women even less; the US is the only developed country without nationalized health insurance; scared old white men will do anything to stop progress; gun deaths proliferate; mental health means you’re on your own — in prison or under a bridge.

But today I’m thinking about Kent State. As Harvard historian Jill Lapore writes in the current New Yorker, “Did we ever leave it?”


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4 Responses to Fifty years since Kent State…

  1. Dan Cobbledick says:

    It’s “reigns.”

    Very good piece.

  2. sheilawill says:

    Thanks, don’t know how that “h” slipped in.

  3. Bonnie Dombrowski says:

    I bet that was my mother you referred to…??? She used to say that. It’s hard to believe we are where we are with who we have leading the way. More like circling the drain… my hope is dimming and I never realized before how much hope can carry a person .

    • sheilawill says:

      It absolutely was your mother! I felt so bad that she was approaching the end of her life knowing that we must repeatedly re-fight for the same issues. Progress?

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