One Man’s Quest to Save Us from Gloom

Jogging up Sabino Canyon a middle-aged African-American man wearing an MLK T-shirt calls out to me, “Hey kiddo, nice to see you today!”

“How are you doing?” I ask.

“Outstanding! Have I told you this one: Why did the raisin take a prune to the prom?”

“Nope, I haven’t heard it.”

“Because he couldn’t find a date.” We both giggle. Fist pump, and he continues jogging, “Good health and happiness to you!”

This smiling man stops to talk with everyone. People are glad to see him. Nearly every time I’m walking in Sabino Canyon, he’s there jogging.


How green is the desert…Sabino Canyon is always a joy to behold.

The world is a beautiful place, wrote Lawrence Ferlinghetti. He’s right. And the people are mostly beautiful, too.

If only world’s most powerful ones were more empathetic, less selfish, more compassionate, less consumed with money, and more willing to save our planet.



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7 Responses to One Man’s Quest to Save Us from Gloom

  1. G.R. Harvey says:

    Fabulous! And a resounding “hear, hear” for your last sentence.

    • sheilawill says:

      Thanks, Gwen! This Sabino jogger ‘s demeanor is so uplifting. It does help! Yes, we want our children, grandchildren, and everybody’s children to have happy, healthy lives!

  2. Well – this was a great little joy article from Sheila. Seeing that I am CJO (Chief JOY Officer) of a transformational movement practice called LET YOUR YOGA DANCE, I am delighted to see it!
    I always let my yoga dance to avoid doom, gloom, and the endless news cycles. In fact, tonight I’m directing a teacher training so that teachers can learn to lead those in compromised bodies. WIN WIN for one and all! Doom and glooom be GoNE!

  3. Claire Doheny says:

    Reading this I have to think…Imagine…Imagine there’s no countries, it’s easy if you try…no religion too. Most times, its people who draw me away from the anxieties of the present moment and fears about the futures. Staying away from the news cycle…being outside…looking for the good and being grateful for it. So many people are looking for peace, love and beauty. Let’s all find it.

  4. Julie Ray says:

    Love this man’s energy! I seek out positive stories about individuals and groups who are taking action to improve the lives of people and the planet. Good News Network is a good resource as well as podcasts like On Being and Good Life Project. Creativity is another great outlet – dance and yoga (like Megha mentioned), visual art, storytelling. Take a break from the relentless news cycle to appreciate and focus on what is most important – meaningful connections, nature, and those everyday moments like passing the Sabino Canyon jogger!

    • sheilawill says:

      Thanks for your helpful, creative comments! I totally agree but we must also speak up to right the wrongs of the “illegitimate” president and his administration’s goons. It’s a tough balancing act!

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