Room with a French View…

Mon Dieu, the South of France is exquisite! Join me for a quick peek at Claire & Sheila’s Excellent Adventure! Perhaps I’ll dispatch a few photos and not say much (What! Yes I’m tired after driving three hours today).

What an amazing trip my Maine friend of forty years and I have been having! We’re staying in a castle tonight, on our way from Sarlat to Provence. Drinking one or two glasses of red wine nightly has become a delightful habit. I’m looking forward to sipping Rose and wearing lighter clothing in Provence.


Chateau de Creissels in Millau, France

Sarlat, the heart of the Dordogne region, was magnifique. We stayed at the Lanterne, and were greeted by our wonderful hosts Jayne and Ian Holliday, Brits who wanted “to try something different.” The smiling, witty couple moved to France a year ago.


The arched front door at the Lanterne, built in 1503, welcomed us under an arch of roses.

Saved by history, the Dordogne villages we visited included Beynac (my favorite) — complete with a Game of Thrones castle — high atop a hill overlooking the Dordogne River.

Je me souviens, as they say in Quebec. French culture’s attention to beauty, relaxation, and food is indisputable. Uplifting. No matter what, a beautifully presented dejeuner and a glass of wine — or two — reminds me how grateful I am. For now, bon soir, mes amis!





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