Go Vote…like your life depends on it!

Sitting at the Red Garter bar alone on a Friday night, a perky young blond woman sips on her watered-down drink.

I’m considering aloud which beer to order.

Would I like the light, citrusy Barrio Brewery beer on tap?

“Oh, that’s a good one,” she chimes in, which leads to more chatting.

“I don’t vote,” she tells me. “My husband knows all about that government stuff. I don’t.”

“It’s not a big deal,” I assure her. “You’re a nurse. You’ve got a brain.”

On education, she’s clearly frustrated by the size of her six-year-old son’s first-grade classroom. “Thirty-two kids in first grade is too much,” she repeats at least three times.

“See, you know how to vote. Who’s going to do something for education, for your son? Arizona ranks last in per-pupil spending behind Mississippi and Alabama,” I say.

“Really?” She seems distressed for her dishonored home state.

“Garcia, the Democratic candidate, is a former teacher,” I tell her.  “This governor hasn’t done a thing for education. In fact, he mysteriously disappears funds allotted for it.”

“Oh, he was a teacher,” she says, encouragingly.

Perhaps she’ll end up voting for the first time, a professional woman in her thirties. Imagining that her husband is on the other side, that she’s afraid to speak up in opposition, I feel sorry for her.

So this is what we’re up against: nonvoters. But The Pew Research Center reports that primary voting is up, especially for Democrats.

Here’s what we can do: chat more about the importance of the 2018 midterm elections – at bars, schools, dentist offices, or waiting in line  to check out at Trader Joe’s.

Will it be more effective than anonymously knocking on strangers’ doors, which I’ve done in the past? I don’t know. It’s worth a try. Let’s go surfing for a Giant Blue Tsunami on Nov. 6!   0901go vote

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4 Responses to Go Vote…like your life depends on it!

  1. To the Editor
    All the way on the east coast, I have happened upon this great article by Sheila W. I am writing to thank her and second the motion for the massive importance of voting. To that non-voting 30-something Sheila spoke with in the bar, I must ask, (in case she reads letters to the editor): “Are you aware that we women have not had the vote for all that long a time? Not even a century! Women marched, fought, were tortured in prison, and even died so you can vote! To choose not to vote Is simply not an option.”
    I wish voting were a requirement in this country. It is simply unacceptable not to vote. We can’t afford NOT to! I live in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts; we are getting ready to vote for our DA. It is a big deal but a friend I know is leaving town before Sept 4. He didn’t bother to get an absentee ballot. Every vote counts! I stand strong with this wonderful writer, Sheila:
    VOTE! You matter!
    More important, our Democracy matters!
    Arizona, home of the great John McCain, I’ve got your back.
    Megha Nancy Buttenheim
    Pittsfield, Ma
    CJO (Chief Joy Officer) and Founding Director:
    Let Your Yoga Dance

  2. sheilawill says:

    Thanks Megha! Funny you should mention that we women haven’t had the right to vote for that long. This young, bright woman reminded me of women 100 years ago, some of whom didn’t believe they were up to the task of voting. We all do the best we can but one thing I know for sure: This is not the year to remain silent. Our democracy — therefore our lives and those of our children and grandchildren — depend on it. Decency, compassion, and integrity must rule.

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