Listening to dumb rules…

Or not. We go to the Reid Park zoo once a year. It’s a fun spring outing. Ride a bike, wear a helmet and you get in free. You also get a free ice cream cone. A win-win!

Plus we get to see magnificent creatures in the confined wild, even if I felt sorry for the tiger who growled, traipsing around in circles (I’ve never heard a tiger growl, so that was cool). I didn’t complain!


The Andean mama bear and her cub had each other for company. And a lovely turquoise pool to play in. I felt better about their plight.

IMG_0280 (1)

Let them be, I figured. No time for me to take on animal rights.

Although I think of myself as a rebel. I take full responsibility for quashing dumb rules.

Here’s what happened as we were leaving the zoo:

Two exit doors were open. Two women were sitting at a table. In the past we’ve noticed how heavy the closed exit doors are to drag bikes through. No one lurked behind us. One  family of four was entering through the open-door exit.

As we started through one of the women pointed to the closed doors, which didn’t make any sense. We continued to walk through. The two women started to carry on:

“This is an entrance to a private party. You can’t come through this way!”

“Well, we’re just about through,” I replied. “I don’t see any signs, and there’s no one else waiting to get in or out.”

“If anyone sees you going through, everyone else will follow,” one of the women said.

Emerging onto the street, I thought to myself, Ta-da, we’re already through.

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE? Feel free to reply to the following questions!

Are we lemmings?

Why follow a rule if it doesn’t make sense?

Would you do the sensible thing even if those in charge told you not to?

Or was I just being a bad-ass?




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3 Responses to Listening to dumb rules…

  1. judith cox says:

    I say, FREEDOM!!!

  2. Pat SUMER says:

    You are a bad ass, of course. But a sensible, practical, kind one. I’m not sure which door I’d go through but I’d definitely ride a bike and wear a helmet for free zoo and ice cream!

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