Blueberries galore, views astounding…summer epiphanies

Pemetic mountain south ridge ascent. Best hike ever. Scrambling over pink granite. That’s Dan up there…I’m too busy picking blueberries. Sweet, perfectly plumped up in patches welcoming sunshine.


Wish I knew some geology. Rocks unite but are different. I like that.


A stellar summer for climbing Acadia’s peaks: Beech, Flying, Acadia, Champlain, Eliot and now Pemetic mountains. North and South Bubbles. Biking to Wonderland and Ship Harbor almost every day. Leaning my bike into the bushes and walking the 1.3 miles over roots and rocks.


So many islands in the distance. First summer I remember not being on the water. The Atlantic seems so friendly to me — all those safe harbors. I’ve also seen its wrath. Not today. It’s as smooth as ice.

IMG_1740We made it to the top. I had been worried about Pemetic being too hard for me to climb. Epiphany — don’t predetermine the outcome.

Next week I’ll be in Chapel Hill, N.C. Dan will be on his way home to Tucson. He’s taking three weeks to get back. I’m taking two days to be with my two kids and their lovies. One with a new home in academia; the other about to take off for the other side of the world.

Everything changes. Thanks to Mount Desert Island for its majestic beauty, for encouraging me to be nature girl again. Thanks to 165 Seawall Road for harboring my epiphanies.

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8 Responses to Blueberries galore, views astounding…summer epiphanies

  1. Barbara Stern says:

    Your photos are beautiful and make me want to return to Acadia and hike the other mountains. I only did Champlain and was equally awed; however gathering blueberries along the way would have been refreshing.

  2. sheilawill says:

    We leave in a few days. Don’t want to.
    Thanks for reading my blog! It was so nice to meet you that day on the Jordan Pond trail.

  3. juditih cox says:

    This is beautiful and wonderful Sheila~~~I am happy that you had such a fulfilling time on your island home! You may see me at your door for a goodbye hug:) Sending love, judith

  4. doreen scherf says:

    It sounds like you had so much fun and time to think. Or not think. I am so happy for you! Can’t wait to meet up with you.

    Love, Doreen

  5. sheilawill says:

    Yes, mostly not think! Have had a few epiphanies. It has been a great time. Thanks Doreen, I’m planning to come in on July 30. Maybe for lunch at Cafe 54. Hope to see you then!


  6. sheilawill says:

    Thanks Julie! Short and sweet.

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