Ranch sisters

The big house with its peaceful veranda

The big house with its peaceful veranda

Whether we’re from Kansas City, Boston, San Antonio, Chicago or Southwest Harbor, Maine, when five women get together we’re sisters. So it was at The Big House for less than 24 hours — long enough to establish a new and lasting bond among half of our women’s book group members.

Chicago, Kansas City and Boston

Chicago, Kansas City and Boston

Kansas City lives with her husband in The Big House, the heart of an Arizona ranch within spitting distance from the source of the Santa Cruz River. The mountains of Mexico are on the other side.

Miles and miles of washboard dirt roads confirm that this ranch hasn’t changed much since it was built in 1900.


But we five changed in those 24 hours. What did Southwest Harbor learn?

— When we’re in our 60s it’s time to have adventures and more fun. Let go of apologies, guilt and fear.

Your reporter on the ranch

Your reporter on the ranch

— There are ways to manage our demons, which we all have.

— Border patrol agents can be very nice, and good looking too.

— Rough, rutted dirt roads still seem familiar to me.

— Bullies must never ever be enabled. Expect support from your husband or partner. It’s a must.

— Kansas City is a gracious hostess. She makes the best wild mushroom soup, granola and  the most beautiful salad with micro-greens (I finally found out what they are). She’s a consummate artist.

— Being nature girl still suits me. Beautiful places revive me.


The Big House with its peaceful veranda

Earth and sky meet at sunset

— Sitting on a spacious veranda drinking wine and munching popcorn, gazing at the grassland, mountains all around, an old barn, touches me more than watching a movie.


—  Seeing the only car’s headlights to come along in two hours can be downright exciting.

— It’s a kick when cattle wait on the side of the road for you to go by. It’s also fun to share a wild place with wild turkeys, a donkey, a raven, horses and coyotes howling in the distance.

— I want more sisterly retreats with Kansas City, Chicago, San Antonio, Boston, and our other book group women. What a time we had…

Where do we go next?

Where do we go next?






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3 Responses to Ranch sisters

  1. doreen scherf says:

    This sounds like a great retreat! I’m glad you have such buddies.

  2. Catherine says:

    Beautiful Sheila!

  3. G. Harvey says:

    Looks like fun!

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