Lupines, please wait for me!

Lupines a.k.a. Texas bluebonnets

Lupines a.k.a. Texas bluebonnets

In Arizona they’re called Texas bluebonnets. To me they’re lupines. They grow in the Tucson mountains, much smaller than in Maine. Yup, was I surprised yesterday when I came across Maine-sized purple blossoms at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

We were there to see the strange and beautiful mix of Dale Chihuly’s glass installations set among the Saguaro, octopus, hedgehog and cholla cacti.

Lovely, ghostlike baby belugas that look like quail

Lovely, ghostlike “baby belugas” that look like quail

An explosion of orange!

An explosion of orange!

As much as I loved Chihuly’s eye-popping creations, plunked in the middle of the desert, the real flowers evoked more nature-girl joy. Intense pink and orange cacti blossoms amaze me every spring — even after living in Tucson for 11 years.

Hedgehop cacti flowers!

Hedgehog cacti flowers!

March and April are heavenly here. Perfect weather. Cloudless blue sky. Flowers everywhere. Brunch on the Hotel Congress patio. Daily sunshine that I never find boring.

Yet I’m reminded of lupine fields all over Mt. Desert Island in June. “Miss Rumphius,” story and pictures by my friend and role model, the late Barbara Cooney, tells the story of coastal Maine’s romance with lupines.

I know what a rough winter it’s been for my Maine friends. Just a few more months till fields of peppery-smelling stalks of purple flowers will be swaying in the ocean breeze. Glorious lupines, I’ll be there on June 30. Please wait for me!

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2 Responses to Lupines, please wait for me!

  1. Sydney Flynn says:

    Hi, Sheila, Thanks for the lovely article and pictures. Very inspiring…. We’ll compare notes to find out when you are available to see Slings and Arrows.Just knowwe’re going to love it. Hope to see you tomorrow. Sydney


  2. sheilawill says:

    Flowers, Slings & Arrows go together! We’ll have chocolate too. Thanks for reading, O loyal fans.

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