Haddock that jumped off the boat onto my plate!

I’ve never blogged, posted, taken photos of food. Now is the time. The photo below may look jumbled but believe me, this was a plateful of really fresh food for last night’s island supper.  Can’t help stopping at the organic Beech Hill Farm whenever I drive by.

Last night’s supper complete with sauteed squash blossom (uncooked zucchini only for visual)

Tiny new red potatoes that could almost be eaten raw (maybe some folks do?), first tomatoes of the season, purple onions that glistened with freshness, and just-the-right-size zucchini. I’m told that squash blossoms are a delicacy. People go to Beech Hill Farm asking for just the blossoms. I was adventurous, sauteing one with my veggies for dinner. Edible, yes, but I’m not sure I’d call it a delicacy.

Dessert was a piece of blueberry-rhubarb pie concocted by the good ladies of the Somesville Meeting House church, “An Open and Affirming Congregation. A Just Church.” Every Wednesday at noon piles of boxed pies appear on a table by the church on Main Street in Somesville, wreaking havoc on the already turtlely slow traffic weaving through Mount Desert Island’s picturesque first village, which was established in 1761.

I meant to save the pie for Brook and Gian’s arrival tomorrow evening. How could I? I’ve been eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shared a piece with my friend Mary D., who immediately said “yes” when I told her the “just” church ladies made it. The most likely, lardy flaky crust, the right amount of unsickly sweetness, was a perfect match of stunningly blue blueberries and recently picked rhubarb. 

local blueberries!

I promise to get another pie on Wednesday. And did I say that I’m at the Common Good Cafe across from Seawall, the entrance to Acadia National Park on the quiet side of Mt. Desert Island? For a donation you can feast on popovers and strong coffee, gaze at the fabulous ocean view and be in technology land? I’m outa here. On my way to Wonderland…

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1 Response to Haddock that jumped off the boat onto my plate!

  1. Claire Doheny says:

    ooohhhhh, Sheila! I was I was a dinner guest! Next year, I must make it to visit…this year, unfortunately, other things tying me down in KBunk.
    Still hoping a trip to Tucson is in my future.
    Enjoy your remaining days in wonderland.

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