Quickie on context

The story’s in the details, says Gus, city editor at the Baltimore Sun in the last season of “The Wire.” We’re doing an all-day watch of the last 10 episodes so no spoiler alerts please! Wish I could start all over again; as the Washington Post or NYT review said this show is/was the most literary, authentic show ever made for TV.

Give me context or give me death. Keep pitching that context. I’m a journalist digging this fifth season. How much context is enough, that’s the question. Enough to make it real.

Though the extreme violence upsets me on “The Wire,” I keep watching. I won’t go to violent movies. The bigger context is that the conflict of telling truth to power and how that plays out in a major American city plays out repeatedly in “The Wire.”

In the third episode of the journalism season the new mayor’s chief of staff, Norman, is having a beer with Gus, the Sun’s city editor, who’s an old colleague of his. “From one whore to another,” he says to Norman, what’ve you got?

This is rich stuff. It stopped raining so I’m going outdoors for a short walk before having dinner with Dan’s folks. Then we’ll be back to watch the rest of season five.



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