Hooray for food trucks!

They’re in all the hip places, and after tonight’s first-ever food truck jamboree Tucson has definitely jumped on the bandwagon. Kudos to Julie Ray for encouraging culinary hipness!

I arrived at the Dinnerware Artspace parking lot — suitably decked out for the festive occasion with sparkly lights — around 6 p.m. Long lines of folks were waiting for Cuban pulled pork or jerk chicken at Jamie’s Bitchin’ Kitchen or taking in the aroma of Korean B-B-Q tacos at the MaFooCo truck. I had already sampled a pineapple-jalapeno thing- on-a-stick on Saturday from the Cyclopsicle. Gus Coliadis, the popsicle maker and owner of the orange bicycle with the cooler on back was there tonight, too.

Julie told me she was on channel 13 this afternoon so maybe that’s what brought out so many people, but I don’t think so. Soulful sax sounds along with flute and xylophone wafted from the building, where tables and chairs were set up.

Outside, I saw a few people I knew. Julie introduced me to a young woman in the Bitchin’ Kitchen line, and we sat together inside. She was from Washington, D.C., has been teaching special education in Tucson for seven years. Munching on our spiced-just-right jerk chicken, chatting and listening to the music, was one of those community happenings that made me feel I belonged.

It seemed like Tucson’s dining room, open to everyone.  I don’t know why, but it made me feel like a kid again.

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