Getting stuff done

I’m not getting anything done because I feel crappy, but part of my brain seems to be working. Going to the doctor soon to see if I have a sinus infection.

But Quack! Quack! Congress got something done in what was to be a presumably do-nothing lame duck session.

I understand that politics rules but if only the prez could institute everything that Pulitizer Prize-winning Princeton prof and NYT columnist Paul Krugman suggests. He was interviewed last night on Rachel Maddow’s special leadership series at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

A we’re all in this together attitude isn’t vaguely on the minds of most Republicans in Congress. What Republicans said during the Great Depression, noted Krugman, “sounded humane” compared to a complete loss of sanity today.

Newt the creepy newt Gingrich has said we shouldn’t give money to people for “doing nothing.” Not to mention that laid-off Americans who receive unemployment benefits have paid into this system for security during their working years.

And, said Krugman, “the blackmail will resume” for Congress to keep extending upper-level income tax cuts beyond the two years in the bill that President Obama signed this week.

That’s about all the thinking I can do today. I tried. I’m reading “Generosity,” an intriguing book by Richard Powers. I’ve watched “Easy A” (on the stupid side) and “Letters to Juliet” (gorgeous Tuscany scenery and romance galore). Mostly I’ve slept and walked around complaining, sighing, “Oh Boy.”

Think I’ll go to Casa Video on my way to the doctor’s and pick up more videos, and this week’s Tucson Weekly with terrifically inspiring “Local Heroes” stories, including mine about Jill Rich.

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