Read my face?

OK, “Lie To Me,” the TV show premiering on Fox for its third season on Wednesday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. (EST), can get kind of raunchy, so what, we’re all grown-ups here. I love the beginning of each program. Faces morph from gender to age to ethnicity, all exhibiting expressions that can be read by Dr. Paul Ekman. He’s the consultant for the show who spent years traveling around the world documenting how our faces divulge what we’re feeling — anger, surprise, guilt… What’s most fascinating to me is that these expressions are cross-cultural, true for rich American white males of a certain age or nomad children in Mongolia. Can you tell if someone’s telling the truth or what the subtext is in a conversation? If I were younger I’d study with Ekman or go into neurophysiology. Great stuff!

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