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My friend Kathleen

Kathleen retired at around 40 from a high-level executive position with a major hi-tech company. She told me that she was a real hard-ass, didn’t have much compassion for employees who wanted to stay home with a sick family member. … Continue reading

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Comon’ baby light my fire

Jim Morrison, the legendary Doors lead singer, was pardoned by the state of Florida for supposed “indecent acts” that occurred 40 years ago at one of his “raucous” concerts. Why does outgoing Florida Gov. Charlie Crist care about  forgiving Morrison … Continue reading

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“Fair Game”

Why aren’t Dick Cheney and George Bush in jail? And why wasn’t “Fair Game” widely released prior to the election? It was the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Naomi Watts was terrific as Valerie Plame, the outed … Continue reading

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Mussels and meat

I’m not a food reviewer but I know when something tastes good. Especially mussels because I am from the coast of Maine. So — I’ve been to three new restaurants lately: here’s my take on the grub. Happy hour at … Continue reading

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De-stigmatizing mental illness

I used to be afraid of going crazy. There’s serious mental illness in my family, which I won’t discuss because I can only out myself. I’ve lived through the Women’s Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and now the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Revolution. … Continue reading

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March brings the Tucson Festival of Books

It’s been unseasonably winterly in Tucson. Three nights in a row that temperatures have plunged to below 30 degrees! Pastel sheets and pillowcases are spread over my plants. Car windshields had to be scraped by early risers. There were many … Continue reading

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